December 24, 2015

Three years on and Merry Xmas :)

Xmas Lights at Shands Rd...

Three year ago I put this post on facebook...

I have had the privilege of three women being "mothers" to me in my lifetime. Yesterday I celebrated the birthday here at home of the one I have grown up with and think of as my mother. And even as we celebrated, the phone rang, and I finally spoke to my birth mother for the first time ever. Then last night, the one who I have often referred to in the past as "my other mother", who offered wise advice during some rebellious teenage years, passed away. All a bit surreal.... but makes me appreciate the importance of family and friends, Wishing you all a happy Xmas xx

Facebook brought it back as a memory today... interesting to read it again and think how things have changed in the last three years ...

Yesterday we celebrated my lovely mother's birthday again which is always a special day in the lead up to Xmas.  We thought of Elizabeth...

Yes, I talk to my first mother in England regularly which is lovely. I know so much more about where I come from now and have many photos of my ancestors! Plus I know I have sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews!  And no, I haven't met any of them. Life is complicated and things aren't always straightforward.  But its ok..... and although I cant post any pictures of them publicly, I can see them and I am glad I searched and filled the hole in my past.

Meanwhile my brother Alistair has been over from Vancouver  for a holiday and we have been able to catch up... distance makes it hard but we do our best! We celebrated Dad's birthday while he was here... he will be 90 next month so had to make the most of us all being here together.

Today I am looking forward to a lovely long Xmas weekend filled with family and friends here in Christchurch and thinking of everyone overseas that I can't be with.

Wishing you all a Merry Xmas xx

Here are a few pics from our recent ( early)  birthday celebrations for Dad. We will do it all again in January!
The bearded bloke is my nephew Blair and his lovely girlfriend Katie also joined us...


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, dear Fiona!
    It's wonderful to have the chance for such family reunions. I keep saying I'd love to have a Yorkshire Christmas one year with the family there, but as long as my parents are around, I can't really imaging spending Christmas Eve anywhere else than with them.

  2. Merry Christmas! May the New Year find you abundantly aware of His blessings in your life!

    (And I'm sure you will find them; you seem to have a gift for that.)

  3. Lovely photos from your dad's birthday celebrations. My family will be doing the same for my mum's 90th in a couple of months. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am thinking about a laptop. Meanwhile me d-daughter has set up my computer so I can stand and type. Much better.

  4. Oh, I didn't realise you were from here! How amazing to find your mother again. I found my dad when I was in my 30's and he'd not gone far but I enjoy having him in my life.
    Hope 2016 is being good to you. x

  5. Christchurch in the weekend press in the UK. Saw this and thought of you.

    1. Thanks Angus - very interesting - and reasonably accurate too! Strange to be living and working in the middle of all that and then seeing it through their eyes.... luckily for those of us here it is all pretty normal now!


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