May 22, 2016

Christchurch from the Air

I still love seeing Christchurch in all her beautiful glory despite the scars the earthquakes have left on the buildings and landscape.  This footage has appeared this week and it made me smile.... I love that we get to explore all of this. Home.


  1. What a fascinating video. The thing that struck me, though, was the cable car: I really wouldn't like to travel in that after the earthquakes.

  2. Im right with you there!! I confess I haven't gone up the gondola since the quakes exactly for that reason. I have driven over the Port Hills a few times - and while I appreciate the view of the sea from up there, I have too many bad memories to really want to do it much. If I'm not picturing driving off the edge, I'm thinking about a wall of rocks appearing from a quake. I guess when you lose people to accidents in both those ways you never really get over it.
    But then we really don't want to hang out in high rises anymore either....


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