June 12, 2016

Horseshoe Lake Update

It has been a while since I put up a progress picture.
Today I see a new series of aerial pictures of Christchurch have been released...so I checked up on the one for our area.


This is the view towards our house which is on the rights side of the empty red zone.
- I left the river in to the right to orientate myself!

I posted a similar drone shot a while ago - but to see how it looked in 2011 go to
and http://fourpawsandwhiskers.blogspot.co.nz/2012/10/horseshoe-lake-red-zone.html
and http://fourpawsandwhiskers.blogspot.co.nz/2013/03/horseshoe-lake.html

You can look at all the areas of Christchurch as a 360 aerial panorama too.

Today is Alex's 25th Birthday.  How fast the quarter century has gone !  What a lovely young man he has become.  Love him to bits and we have had breakfast out and the cake is ready for this afternoon.  :)
And I found a safe picture to use off his facebook profile!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Alex! How nice that you can spend part of it together.

    I've been following your earthquake-related posts for a couple of years now and can not stop marvelling at how people manage not to get completely discouraged by the quakes, up sticks and leave.

    1. Its been a lovely weekend - and I expect we are all mad - but I love living here!

  2. Gosh. Alex's travels seem so long ago! Please wish him a Happy Birthday from me.

    For some reason I couldn't get the first (2011 view) link to work but I shall come back to it this evening and search for it properly. I'll have more time then to explore all the views.

    1. I've reset the link - hope it works better for you now :)
      Yes - feels like no time since his 21st over in Europe -
      Time goes far far too fast !

    2. Thanks Fi. I've been perusing the links.

  3. It is astonishing how much it's changed. I have only vague memories now of going to visit croquet friends in the area. I certainly wouldn't recognise it now. They were by the river but I think their house was relatively unscathed.


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