August 14, 2016


Jessie 1999-2016

Seventeen and a half is a ripe old age and Jess has certainly earned her rest. She leaves a big hole in all our hearts and many years of memories.

We got Jess in June 1999 at five months old when she came from the dog pound to be speyed as part of our student surgical training programme. Once she passed the hell years of ages 1-4, she settled into a great companion. Saffy joined the family in 2003 and later we moved back into town. Poppy arrived in 2010.

I think Jess grew more beautiful with age- her coat got thicker and her beautiful  plume of a tail was more luxuriant - it all brought out the side of her that must have been Spitz/Keeshond/Husky rather than the Border Collie/Foxie cross she has always been registered as.

Not sure how Poppy feels about being an only dog - just a bit clingy so far, but I miss my trusty guard dog and companion.

Run Free Jessie Puppy xxxxx


  1. Sorry to hear about Jessie's death, but as you say, she was at a ripe old age and had a very good life with you.
    We never forget them, do we! My old cat Mimi died at 17, too; that was in 2003, and I still think of her very often.

  2. I am so sorry for your lost. At least Jessie was lucky to had such a loving home with you. Hope you will feel better soon!

  3. Thank you - her ashes are home... Just can't decide what to do with them so they will just sit with us for a while :). Home is very quiet without her.


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