September 10, 2017

Spring in the Christchurch Red Zone

Poppy and I walked along the river and through the "red zone" today.  This is the suburban area along the Avon River that has been cleared of housing due to land damage post quakes of 2010/11.
It was a lovely taste of spring before the bad weather hit this afternoon, which was expected as the three Alpine passes around us have been closed due to snow this weekend.

Walking in the red zone is bittersweet; so many lost houses, homes, lives, and plans. We enjoy the extensive park left behind,  but it still has a graveyard feeling, a lingering feeling of loss for those who have lost the right to call this beautiful place home... but the remaining plants and trees are still enjoyed by many people

South to the Port Hills

North towards my house

Note the cat feeding station under the trees for the "Red Zone Cats" - the abandoned, wild, lost pets. 

Loving the green on the trees

It has been a long winter - my father has not been well and I had some months off work.  Poppy has been a wonderful companion - often snuggled on Dad's knees.

and I have a new love... Maddie.  She is polydactyl so she has fat feet with thumbs... and has been a lively addition to the house.

Sorry I have been gone so long - I still read lots of your blogs and will try to pop back here more often! 



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