November 13, 2017

A weekend to remember

Dinner with friends Saturday night - Six decades....

Sunday lunch at Pegasus Winery, Waipara,  after a magical mystery tour

Perfection.....the boys all landed up dressed in blue :)

We didn't plan to dress in similar patterns.... 

Beautiful Gardens.  Many happy memories of visits here with Dad.

Almost all of us - Alex took the picture... the day had turned much colder.

Maddie with the lovely cards and flowers

I got to chat to some of my other family around the world and my brother and his wife in Vancouver, Work put on some afternoon tea today and then a final dinner tonight with has certainly been a wonderful birthday and very happy we get a short working week due to the day off next Friday for Canterbury Show Day, so I can recover then.... :). 

I will leave you with the photos my Mother says is her favourite photo of me.... Taken in Swanage - probably the summer of 1960. 

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  1. Wonderful! This will no doubt become a very treasured memory for you. No, a whole treasure chest of memories, by the sound of it! Great pictures, too - you radiate happiness in them, and so well deserved, too!


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