November 11, 2017

Great loss, a new decade and appreciation of friends and family in my life

David.  Jan 1926 - Oct 2017

I really haven't been able to write about Dad's death last month, and  it is still too hard to put more than this photo - but it has been a month now and it was so hard just looking through the pictures again today. So many I could choose, but I have always loved this picture and it reminds me of how long I have been privileged to have him in my life. Dad always had his nose in a book, but then usually so did I...  and I adored him.

Loss on this scale really does remind you of how important friends and family are in your life.  As we have dealt with Dad's gradual decline this year, and the grief of losing him, the family have pulled together to support each other.  My brother in Vancouver and my children here have been wonderful and supported my mother through this time as well.   My friends, many of whom have also lost parents this year, have been a great source of comfort,  Thank you everyone for all you have done.

On Monday,  I start another new decade.  At least I can genuinely celebrate how good it is to be alive and look forward to the future but the celebrations are small and focused. Some good friends are gathering and having me for dinner tonight and tomorrow the children have something planned with Mum... so far I don't know what it involves, but as long as they are all there I will be supremely happy.   Then another night out with some friends on the big day too.  Life is good :)

Yesterday one of our student classes had an end of year get together - and gave Poppy a present... read the fine print on the sign - totally appropriate and she is a source of ongoing joy in my life.

and of course - Maddie.  My friends, Kerry, and Heather, from At the Vets, made this possible and she is a lovely addition to the family. Love her wee fat paws...

Off for our regular Saturday walk at the river  ... Poppy's favourite activity.


  1. Sorry for your loss and I wish you lots of strength Family is something special isn't it. Your dog and cat are both gorgeous What a pleasure to have them in your life

  2. The photo of your Dad (and yourself?) is wonderful, capturing so completely what you must have meant to each other!
    My parents are getting on in years, and many of my former class mates have already lost one of both parents, which makes me even more grateful that mine are still around. But my sister and I do know they won't be there forever... and neither will we.

    So glad you are looking forward to your birthday! Maybe by the time you are reading this, it will already be your birthday for your time zone - so: Happy Birthday to you, dear Fiona!


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