November 14, 2017

New Vases

People have been so generous in the past few weeks I had to buy some new vases - so I haunted Trade Me and the quirky local florist and got some lovely ones....   
Had to use my water jug to fit these beautiful flowers in from my friends - so it was where my hunting started

Our local florist had this tall green one which fitted the lovely flowers that my work kindly sent to me

No vase - Just Maddie getting into everything

This one from Canada came with its own vase - clever and very helpful :) 

And another new green one....waiting for the perfect bunch

Thhis one came in useful again this week  - such beautiful lilies from Kim and Paul  - must watch Maddie doesn't go near them on her travels! 

New tall clear vase.... and beautiful birthday peach roses from Mum

And we got other flowers... some were in boxes and baskets.
These came from my cousin in the UK for Mum

From my children this weekend for my birthday

Whatever the reason they were sent, when they arrived they made me feel a bit better after Dad passed away,  or this week for my birthday, just wonderful.  They have filled the house with heavenly scents and gladdened my soul.  Credit to the florists and a grateful thank you to all who sent them.
I may not get any flowers again now for a long time, but will still be filling these vases with roses and Sweet Peas from the garden this summer.


  1. The peachy roses are just wonderful!
    For many years, I had only one or two useable vases, and didn't need more since I was given flowers so rarely and never bought any for myself (and never had my own garden anyway).
    Then, some years ago, when I started throwing cocktail parties for my birthday, friends who brought flowers cleverly gave me vases as presents, too - now I have enough to accomodate all I get for my birthday :-)

  2. Sensible friends! I just found mine were all too small... feel ready for anything now :)


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