December 12, 2017

Christchurch Cathedral - Six years on

I don't write much about the earthquakes, or the reshaping of the central city, which is remiss of me as there are many areas of the city that are worth writing about. Today, some interesting new footage of the state of the Cathedral has been released.....  taken by a rogue individual as the building is still far too dangerous to enter.  I feel anxious just watching it as we just never know when another quake might happen...

The eerie world inside one of Christchurch's most famous earthquake-ravaged buildings is showcased in new video footage from the Christ Church Cathedral.
As central and local government discuss altering legislation to allow the cathedral to be restored, an anonymous videographer has sneaked inside the wrecked central city building.
Under the name Gardxn City, the videographer posts videos and photos taken inside abandoned buildings and homes around the city on YouTube and Instagram. He and others accompanying him have visited the Anglican cathedral more than once.
His latest cathedral clip is called "Six Years On." Its only sounds are the flight of the pigeons as he arrives, then his shoes crunching through the deep, dried bird excrement, which covers many surfaces.

My father was passionate about the progress of the decision making that has happened over the Cathedral's fate... we always read the letters to the editor and the articles in the paper about it to him during his last few months, and he was not impressed over the decision to repair it instead of rebuilding it.  As an engineer, he knew the risks and felt a safer building, preferably made of wood would be more suitable in this earthquake-prone land. 

I will watch the outcome with interest.

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  1. It is sad to see the difference between then and now... but I do understand the videographer's fascination with the cathedral and other abandoned places. I also think it is important that the townspeople get to see this, since they are probably never going to venture inside the forbidden places themselves.

  2. II'm back in Blogland. I have to say that it does seem to be a case of emotion over good sense to have the Cathedral restored.

  3. The ‘people’ in favour of the rebuild want it as a symbol of the city... not as a place of worship. I wonder if they would want to work in it as I know I will never enter it again!

  4. I understand the desire to keep a part of the city's past, but I tend to think it should be let go with, possibly, a small portion as a memorial to 'what used to be'. I, too, will be watching to see what happens.

    1. Progress is very slow!!! Meanwhile - the new library next door to it is well worth a visit :)


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