May 26, 2018

One thing that has resulted from the earthquakes is the huge park on my doorstep.  602 hectares of land, three times the size of Christchurch's Hagley Park has been cleared of houses.  It is the ultimate giant walking area, but still feels sad to see all the driveways and indications of the homes that have gone. 

There has been a long and slow process of public consultation for ideas of future use for the area, with its fair share of controversy, but Regenerate Christchurch has just released an interesting public display explaining their latest vision. I live on the upper outside of the Horseshoe Lake Reach loop shown in orange.

Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Exhibition can be seen online at:

Further northeast of us the new QE2 Park has been rebuilt to replace the old one that was lost in the earthquakes.  The new place is more for the locals and another international facility will be built in the central city area. 
QE2 was once the jewel of Christchurch's east, a multi-purpose sports facility built to host the 1974 Commonwealth Games. 
The new QE2 features a 130-metre long blue hydroslide, a 25-metre lap pool, a leisure pool with a lazy river, a learn-to-swim pool, a hydrotherapy pool, a spa, a steam room, a sauna, a fitness centre and café.
It's kitted out with the latest technology, including a rising floor in the main lap pool which cost about $1m. 
Might be time to go swimming again - although, with the recent chlorination of our water, it has put me off the constant smell of bleach :( .... we always had perfect water - but some areas have really noticed the treatment.

Chlorine levels in some Christchurch water might be enough for swimming pools

And adjacent to QE2, two high schools will relocated to their new shared campus...  I drove past all these today while taking Poppy to North New Brighton beach for some winter sun.  The campus looks enormous!

Avonside Girls', Shirley Boys' rebuild to create the 'ultimate campus'

It has been a hectic few months. Liam turned 30, and with his partner, Laura recently moved to the UK for a while and are living in London.   James and Jess passed through there this week and were able to have a catch-up and meet my other mother.... their grandmother.  A very emotional feeling for me - and it was lovely to see some photos of them all together at Greenwich Market. Weird they get to meet her before I do.  She has been able to create discs of the recordings of her performing over the years and I have been enjoying exploring the songs... she has a wonderful voice! So glad I can hear it for myself. 

We took some lovely pictures before Liam left - a photo shoot was my present from them all for my recent milestone, and we took the chance to do it to celebrate Liam's birthday, before he left the country. It was a lovely late summer evening in March.

We miss Dad terribly, and I wish we had been able to do these while he was still with us, but at least I have these lovely photos of my wonderful family taken in Mum's garden. xxx


  1. It's good to read a catch-up of some of the things that are happening in Christchurch and in your life. I hope that the winter is not too, well, wintery!

    1. Lucky I read your post which made me come and check for comments I might have missed! Winter is a shock after such a long warm autumn....but it will soon be spring :)

  2. Thanks for the update about Christchurch. I will always have a soft spot for you down there. I loved my four year's university at Canterbury at the end of the 70's, and then the next time I visited was on my birthday ... yes ... the 22 February.

  3. Just catching up, a bit, with my blogging friends. I've been horribly neglectful. I hope all is moving along well in rebuilding! God bless.


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