January 21, 2020

Always  interesting to see how Christchurch is viewed internationally
as I live on the outskirts of Horseshoe Lake and the Red Zone, I thought this was a good article.   You can see my area in the picture below - I live on the outer loop of the top Horseshoe shape along the small river that leads down to The Avon.


Some of the issues being faced in the use of this enormous area are presented in this document on Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Governance case-studies.   Some light reading for the keen....

I'm back from some holidays - firstly to Hanmer Springs with three generations enjoying some R and R,  We stayed  at an idyllic place on the golf course and enjouyed some adrenaline with the jet boats...
and last week staying with my friends in Nelson. Was wonderful to enjoy friends and a spell of welcome, warm weather as the summer here has not been brilliant, yet.  However, the recent warmth has left the Port Hills tinder dry and everything looked very brown when I flew in yesterday -  so far no fires, but we watch the Australian fires causing so much damage and heartbreak and after our own hill fires three years ago, we are all aware of the risks.  So glad there has finally been rain in Australia - I hope this reduces the fires enough to get them under control.  So grateful to all the people that have volunteered to help the people and animals affected. I have donated to a few places for wildlife rescue but I am sure there are many other charities assiting the people left homeless too.

Back to work shortly - it has been a wonderful break and I feel almost ready to get back into it - just need to get used to waking up early again!


  1. A holiday to relax and spend time with friends and family is always welcome, isn't it!
    Here, we are supposed to be in mid-winter, but have not yet seen a single snow flake. Still, the dark, cold mornings and early nights mean I am almost constantly tired and just wish I could sleep as long as my body wants me to, instead of having to get up in time for work...


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