February 22, 2020

Christchurch - Nine Years on

Nine years...
We knew it would take a long time,  probably 20 years, for Christchurch to recover from the impact of this day in 2011.  It seems a long time ago - but the memories run deep.  Even this week, when I was teaching evacuation procedures, I reminded my new class of students to keep phones, keys, and money on them at all times - to make sure they could get home if we had another big one.  I guess it is positive that I feel they will get home... but the white chairs memorial will always remind us of the many who didn't.   We all know grief comes back regularly to remind us of our losses.   For me this week it was our wedding anniversary and I suppose these dates are always etched in our minds - for the plans, hopes, and dreams we had all those years ago, whatever the results of it all were.

So today there was a good article on the "progress" of the city. The ups and downs - the plans and things still promised to come.  An interesting read if you have the time.


Last night we had dinner in the south frame - new eateries, rooftop bar, some people headed down to "SALT" for more afterward...   we enjoyed a beautiful, balmy 30C evening in good company. A lovely way to unwind after surviving the first week of the new term.

I'm off now for my weekly long walk in the Red Zone - Poppy loves it.  You can read about progress there too.

Today we will be foraging for plums and figs....and maybe mushrooms along the river.
Life is good - long may it continue xx

Update: The memorial wall taken 27/2/2020

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  1. I know I've said it before, and probably will say it again: It is a situation I find very hard to imagine, what you all have gone through. Something as massive as rebuilding almost an entire city will always come with ups and downs, I guess. May the ups prevail!


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